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Aggressive Providence Attorneys Deliver Tough Criminal Defense

Established law firm assists defendants in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Once a suspect is arrested, authorities use their extensive resources to push for a conviction. To ensure a fair trial, you need the same type of vigorous advocacy from a proven attorney. At Cicilline Law Offices in Providence, we represent clients throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts in a full range of criminal defense matters. Since 1968, our firm has tackled the most difficult cases and won successful results in all types of felony and misdemeanor proceedings. Whether you or a loved one has been charged with a violent crime, a drug offense or any other criminal count, we have the legal knowledge and practical experience to provide the strongest possible defense.

Accomplished advocates represent clients facing felony charges

With a century of combined legal practice, our lawyers are capable of tackling the toughest felony prosecutions, including charges of:

  • Robbery — When a dangerous weapon is used during a robbery, the minimum sentence is 10 years in Rhode Island. We investigate each aspect of the case to build a compelling argument on your behalf.
  • Aggravated assault — Prosecutions for assault are often based on incomplete information. Our firm has the resources to overcome misleading evidence.
  • Murder — The most serious charges demand dedicated legal representation from a firm that has won successful results in high-profile matters.

Starting with a free initial consultation, we are dedicated to guiding you through the criminal justice process.

Skilled lawyers provide comprehensive support in drug crime matters

Strict laws on the use and sale of drugs can trigger long sentences even when small amounts are involved. We press for appropriate charging decisions and fight the use of evidence that was seized illegally. Sometimes, slight distinctions in volume or the presence of normal household items like scales can be the difference between a possession count and an alleged intent to sell. Whether the substance involved is marijuana, heroin, a prescription medication or some other type of drug, we will assert your rights in court and through plea negotiations.

Assertive attorneys advise motorists who have been arrested for DUI

A Rhode Island driver who is found to have a blood alcohol content reading of .08 percent or higher is considered to be legally intoxicated. However, a test result is not the last word on a motorist’s guilt or innocence. Our firm challenges the actions of police when they engage in unlawful conduct such as unreasonable stops or arrests that lack probable cause. We also closely examine testing procedures and results to determine if prejudicial errors were made.

Trustworthy defense counselors litigate cases of alleged sexual offenses

A conviction for first-degree sexual assault carries a sentence that can run from ten years to life in prison. These cases often involve conflicting accounts between parties who may or may not have had a previous relationship. Our experienced lawyers understand how to unearth the truth through diligent investigation and skillful witness questioning.

Contact a dedicated Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer for a free initial consultation

Cicilline Law Offices represents Rhode Island and Massachusetts clients in a full range of criminal defense matters. Please call 401-400-7156 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Providence office.